Custom Outdoor Bench with Cushions


A Squared Design Studio has over 25 years of experience and knowledge of design and  manufacturing of home and hospitality furnishings. Our team is ready to provide you with the highest quality and best service.  We will work with you to expand the potential of that special place.  It's our passion to make your idea become a reality.

design by Pepe Calderin


Establishing A Squared Design Studio has always been a vision that I have desired my entire life.  I discovered earlier in my life that I share a passion of design and creating beautiful pieces. I am so grateful and honored to be working with my partner and inspiration behind the studio Andres Andres.


I have been fortunate to travel to unique destinations across the globe and often come across the most beautiful views that become my inspiration.  

I have often heard and repeat to others that every one has a place in this world.  Sometimes that place is found easily and often it is well hidden so the journey takes the place and turns it into a life lesson.  

I finally have the opportunity to share my journey with others. Through the studio I have been able to set a stage that will allow others to view my experiences and also establish their own journey.  I have brought together many elements and styles to appeal to me and hopefully you.  

I hope you'll find the studio filled with visions and are inspired from the custom high quality one of a kind pieces to the hand crafted treasures from all over the world. 


Let me help you create a vision.



Christopher Askew