Custom Rooms

Customize your entire space to allow you full potential of your unique design.

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Andres Andres

I have been designing and creating high-end furniture for over 25 years.  Every quality piece is one-of-a-kind and custom-tailored for your space and will showcase your unique personality. I have made it my goal to give every customer the privilege to determine color, size, function, and even comfort level. My team and I specialize in everything from individual pieces to complete your special space to furnishing your entire home.  We offer a professional delivery and installation service throughout the South Florida area.  Additional delivery services are available upon request. It is my privilege to offer my skills and talent to complement your style and am proud to deliver an overall exceptional experience each and every time.

Andres, Founder 

The possibilities are endless with our team of highly skilled craftsman.  We work with the most innovative and creative artists in the industry in order to exceed your expectations.  
We work closely with our designers to cover every detail up to the last moment of production to ensure the highest quality and unique design.
The one thing we can guarantee is quality. We stand behind our work and create the quality piece you are looking for.
We have been manufacturing and offering custom furniture services for 25 years.  Every quality made piece is a one-of-a-kind and custom tailored to showcase your personality.  We cater to the interior designers of the residential, commercial and hospitality industries.