As recognized furniture-makers, our superior craftsmanship extends to every facet of what we design. Trusting A Squared Design Studio with your residential or commercial interior design project will assure seamless execution and impeccable results.

Our client wished for a contemporary and comfortable living room in his Kent, Connecticut cottage, so we opted for a large custom sectional with deep seats that could fit his entire family around the fireplace during holidays. We created an accent nook to hold the fireplace wood inspired by the many trees that surround the private residence.




In this Bal Harbour penthouse remodel, our client desired soft neutral tones in a space that could display her artwork collection. We decided to overlay various textured wall finishes to ensure that the space maintains its dimension. We manufactured custom furniture and built-ins to highlight some of her favorite objects collected from trips around the world.


An Urban


Our goal for this apartment was to create a space that felt like home for our Arizonian tech client living in Chicago. We blended elements inspired by the bright orange canyons of Arizona with their green cacti into a more urban atmosphere with raw finishes such as exposed concrete and brick.





Makes Perfect

In this Atlanta living room remodel, most of our work went into removing and restoring the home's structural elements such as its vaulted ceilings that had been previously concealed in order to emphasize the existing architecture of the home. We updated the stone finish on the centrally located fireplace to tie into an accent wall that brings texture and boldness to the bright white space.


A Tropical


Our client wanted their contemporary Coconut Grove bedroom to feel like a luxury hotel. To achieve this we designed a custom upholstered bed along with a drop ceiling that conceals warm LED lights and custom window treatments. The soft textures of the interior spaces create contrast alongside the rough exterior finishes such as the stone and landscaping that peak through the large doors and windows throughout the home.




We assisted in the design of this complete home remodel for a client's secondary residence in South Florida. Starting with the custom sofa to the large waterfall kitchen island, this contemporary vacation home is a place made for hosting friends and family. 




We designed this modern Brooklyn loft around its custom tufted sectional sofa. The client wished to create allocated spaces for privacy and functionality. To achieve this, we added  steel and glass doors to the open concept kitchen that offer flexibility when separation is desired.




In this contemporary Zen home, we designed a large U-shaped sectional sofa with a slip cover to provide seating in our client's living room. To compliment the style of their home, we manufactured a custom low coffee table, plush rug and accent stone wall that reinforces the meditative atmosphere they desired.