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Trees From Above


Over the years, A Squared has increased our initiatives regarding our planet and pushing more and more every day to lower our footprint.  With our brand partners across the world rolling out a plethora of green initiatives, they look to our team to combine our efforts in achieving these goals as a united front.

Our team challenges techniques, sourcing, and overall eco-friendly practices with our fabric & leather suppliers, and factory partners. 

All fabrics supplied by A Squared Design Studio surpass the Standard 100 of OEAKO-TEX.  We offer 100% upcycled | recycled materials in a variety of textures and colors. Our sustainable mills implement the most innovative energy-saving methods, such as the use of high-performance motors, LED lighting, and heat recovery systems.  They also recover a part of the water consumption, cutting down on the production of wastewater as a result.  Like several of our brand partners and factories, the sustainable mills also have high-yield photovoltaic panels in place to optimize performance and the production of sustainable energy. These mills promise to overall remove dimethylformamide (DMF) from the finished product and have their own plant for storing and purifying water containing DMF. Ongoing research into new fibers and finishes has always addressed environmentally friendly processes, with the use of natural or low environmental impact components. 


Our leather tanneries manage the production of our leathers by implementing measures and controls to ensure consumer safety.  This is enforced by the restriction of chromium IV in leather, implemented in the EU REACH regulations.  All of our leathers comply with the strict anti-pollution regulations in Italy and Brazil. All dyes, pigments, and topcoats are water-based rather than petroleum-based. Our leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. Leather tanning repurposes animal hides that would otherwise be wasted in landfills. We do not use harmful solvents or produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the finishing process.

Our factories produce quality products with EPA-certified materials with zero formaldehyde release, issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  Prioritizing environmental awareness, our factories pay attention to the proper and legal use of forest resources, and therefore, they work with suppliers, certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). All stains and paints are water-based, certified paints, which are proven as non-carcinogenic and environment and human-health-friendly.  They prioritize the safety of life and property of our clients and aim to guarantee that all finished products are manufactured in accordance with the directives of the European Union and the United States of America.

"Manufacturers are the soul of hospitality and homes."

     - Christopher Askew-Andres

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